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Our model consists of 6 building blocks:





‘The purpose of life is a life of purpose.’

Our own purposeful concepts

We know what we are talking about. We built and currently manage 6 purposeful concepts ourselves.

Get to know our work

Hills & Mills


At ‘pure food café’ Hills & Mills, we make people happy with more than good food and sublime service.

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With our app ONE-a-day, people pursue unlimited growth every day.

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I Nailed My Way To Success

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Purposeful concepts are part of ‘purposeful living’, which we share insights about on INMTWS.

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We have helped dozens of brands fulfill their purposes

From multinationals to local stars

A couple of highlights

Rijk Zwaan



We helped Rijk Zwaan in their purpose of ‘Sharing a healthy future’.

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We helped ABP, the Dutch largest pension fund, in their mission of ‘making young people think about pensions’.

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We helped Rabobank in their mission of ‘making people save more money’.

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Innovators of the year 2012 (Battle of Concepts)

The two brothers started their journey back in 2009. With 0 experience, but with a vision, they slowly but gradually changed the game. Next to their 6 successful local stars, they have helped dozens of companies to build purposeful concepts. From local stars to multinationals. You might just be next.

Our services work because of 3 things

1 on 1 discussion

Fill out the form and we will plan a time for us to have a purposeful chat about building your concept. Let’s talk about the challenges you face and see if we are able to help.

We can offer our services to two clients at the time. Our clients come to us because they want to build a profitable business concept that make people and society flourish. Don’t wait too long, or someone else might take your spot.

Looking forward to meet you,

Sheraz & Nawaz Kazmi

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